In this section there are some links to some documentaries in relation with the work carried out over more than 20 years by the members of the Alnilam team when they were working at the organization Alnitak. 

Regarding scientific outreach, the scientific papers can be found at section Publications within "Research".


Documentaries selection:



Series Cetacean Investigation: "Santuaries of the sea" explores whether cetaceans can be a catalist in the protection of the marine biodiversity in the Mediterranean. EarthOCEAN entrevista a Erich Hoyt de la WDCS y a Ana Cañadas, por entonces en Alnitak.




Series Keepers of the Planet: "In search of Neptune" a 60 minutes chapter about the investigations of Alnitak, the organization where some of the memebrs of Alnilam carried out their activities previously, in the Alboran Sea, within the framework of the documentary series “Keepers of the Planet” produced by Transglobe Films for National Geographic TV in 1999. National and International broadcast since 2001.






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