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Alnilam fully believes in the collaboration with other entities with similar aims, in order to advance in a more effective and coordinated way in the research and the knowledge and conservation of the environment.

From its beginning, and as a heritage from the trajectory of the members of the Alnilam team during the previous 20 years, we have been collaborating with several institutions and organizations, and more collaborations are being established: 



ACCOBAMS (Agreement for the Conservation of Cetaceans in the Black Sea, Mediterranean Sea and Contiguous Atlantic waters), Mónaco.


IWC (International Whaling Commission), Cambridge, UK.


CIRCE (Conservación, Información y Estudios sobre Cetáceos), Cádiz, Spain.

Tethys Research Institute, Italy.


SUBMON (Conservación, estudio y divulgación del Medio Marino), Barcelona, Spain.


ICCAT (Comisión Internacional para la Conservación del Atún Atlántico), Madrid, Spain.


A.RE.NA. Asesores en Recursos Naturales, S.L.


Sea Mammal Research Unit. University of St Andrews, Scotland.


University f Valencia. Spain.


IMEDEA. Mediterranean Institute of Advance Studies. Palma de Mallorca, Balearic Islands, Spain.


Office for Naval Research. US.


Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, Boston, US. 


Subd. Gral. de Protección de los Recursos Pesqueros. Dirección General de Recursos Pesqueros y Acuicultura. Secretaría General de Pesca. Spain 


CEMMA (Coordinadora para o Estudio dos Mamiferos Mariños). Pontevedra, Spain 


SECAC (Sociedad para el Estudio de los Cetáceos en el Archipiélago Canario). Lanzarote, Spain. 


Museu da Baleia, Caniçal, Madeira, Portugal. 



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