The teamJose Antonio Vázquez

Jose Antonio Vázquez

Logistics coordinator and data analyst


José Antonio Vázquez, "Toño”, Marine biologist at the University of the Basque Country (1990-1995). Getting research experience in the laboratory of Animal Physiology, Faculty of Science, University of Pais Vasco (Bilbao, Spain) for 6 years  working in food and energy physiological aspects of marine invertebrates getting master degree. The last years at university combined studies of marine invertebrates with the first collaborations with NGOs dedicated to cetacean conservation both national (AMBER, SEC) and international (BDRP). Since 2002, focused exclusively on the field of cetology, gaining experience especially in coordinating sea surveys and as technician in various research fields as abundance estimates using line transect method and spatial modeling, estimates of population parameters from photo-identification techniques and use of different acoustic techniques for detection and behavioral studies of different species of cetaceans. 

Among the most important project in which he has participated include: LIFE-Nature project of the Spanish Cetacean Society "Conservation of cetaceans and turtles in Murcia and Andalusia" LIFE02NAT/E/8610. SEC (Spanish Cetacean Society), LIFE Project "SCANS II - Small cetaceans in European Atlantic waters and the North Sea" (LIFE04NAT/GB/000245). SEC (Spanish Cetacean Society), project "CODA - Cetacean Offshore Distribution and Abundance". SEC (Spanish Cetacean Society), LIFE + INDEMARES "Inventory and designation of the Natura 2000 network in marine areas of the Spanish State", ALNITAK, and Understanding the patterns and causes of variability in distribution, habitat use, abundance, survival and reproductive rates of three species of cetacean in the Alboran Sea, western Mediterranean ", Alnilam Research and Conservatio, funded by Office for Naval Research, USA. He has experience in the management of endangered species, participating in various national and international meetings among which, e.g. member of the Spanish delegation at the annual meeting of the Scientific Committee of the International Whaling Commission and delegate of the Spanish Cetacean Society at the annual meeting of the Scientific Committee ASCOBANS. He has also experience using towed hydrophone, passive acoustic devices (CPODs and DMONs), and DTAG acoustic tags, and the procedures and methodology of settin up the systems and analysis results through specific programs for each of the before mentioned devices.

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