ResearchProjectsCurrent projects with cetaceans

Current projects with cetaceans



Participation in the project “Realización de catálogos de identificación fotográfica para cetáceos en el Mediterráneo español.” CIRCE. Funded by Fundación Biodiversidad.

See summary of the project here: Photo-identification catalogues of cetaceans



Project “Understanding the patterns and causes of variability in distribution, habitat use, abundance, survival and reproductive rates of three species of cetacean in the Alborán Sea, western Mediterranean”Funded by Office for Naval Research, US.


See summary of the project here: Project ONR-environmental change



Participation in the project "Censo aéreo de cetáceos de la Comunidad Valenciana". University of Valencia. Line transect Survey design and data analysis with Distance sampling.


Participation in the project "Censo aéreo de cetáceos y tortugas marinas en aguas italianas". Tethys Research Institute – ISPRA, Italy. Data analysis with line transect Distance sampling and spatial mdoelling.



Participation in the project "Cetaceans Madeira II – Identifying critical marine áreas for bottlenose dolphin and surveillance of the cetaceans’ conservation status in Madeira Archipelago". Museo da Baleia, Madeira, Portugal.  Funded by LIFE+ (European Commission. LIFE07 NAT/P/000646).



See summary of the project here: LIFE Project Madeira

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