LIFE Project Madeira

Project "Cetaceans Madeira II – Identifying critical marine áreas for bottlenose dolphin and surveillance of the cetaceans’ conservation status in Madeira Archipelago". Museo da Baleia, Madeira, Portugal. Funded by LIFE+ (European Commission. LIFE07 NAT/P/000646).

The role of Alnilam in this project s consultancy and external advice for data analysis and interpretation.


The main objectives of this project are:

(1) The confirmation of the scientific data gathered during the CetaceosMadeira Project that point to the existence of areas/habitats preferred by the bottlenose dolphin in the coastal waters of the Archipelago of Madeira, and which should be subject to management and protection measures to safeguard these habitats and the species in question (the bottlenose dolphin is included in Annex II of the Habitats Directive); 


(2) The definition of the areas for the operation of commercial whale-watching boats and the limits on this operation, in the face of the foreseeable growth of this activity. The purpose of this measure would be to minimise the impact on the cetaceans resulting from increased activity and contribute to its reasonable and sustainable growth;



Museo da Baleia, Madeira



Workshop, November 2012 



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