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PhD Thesis of Ana Cañadas

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Towards conservation of dolphins in the Alboran Sea. PhD Thesis. European Doctorate. University Autónoma of Madrid. 2006.

Ana Cañadas.

The general objective of this work is to contribute to the conservation of cetaceans in the Alborán Sea through two parallel paths: (a) the investigation about aspects of the ecology of the species in this region, and (b) the proposal of management and conservation measures based on science.

Despite having obtained data for several species of cetaceans during the time frame of this study, the work of this thesis focuses especially, as mentioned above, on the common and bottlenose dolphin.

There is a progression in this thesis in terms of the depth and complexity of the applied methods. The main methodology used in the last chapters is spatial analysis, and in fact it became a parallel objective of this work to explore the applicability of this new method, scarcely used in the field of cetology up to now, for the study of habitat selection by cetaceans and for the promotion of their conservation. Four concrete basic objectives can be defined for this work:

a) To investigate the distribution and habitat preference by several species of cetaceans that are using the area, and especially the common and bottlenose dolphin

b) To estimate the abundance of common and bottlenose dolphins that are using the area

c) To identify the important areas for the conservation of these species in the study area

d) To develop proposals for the conservation of these species in the region

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