Scientific papers in review or in press:

Panigada, S., Lauriano, G., Donovan, G., Pierantonio, N., Cañadas, A., Vázquez, J.A., Burt, L. In review. Estimating cetacean density and abundance in the central Mediterranean sea through aerial surveys: implications for conservation.Deep Sea Research II.

Cañadas, A., Vázquez, J.A. En revisión. Common dolphins in the Alborán Sea: facing a reduction in their suitable habitat due to an increase in sea surface temperature. Deep Sea Research II.

Rogan, E., Cañadas, A., Macleod, K., Santos, M.B., Mikkelsen, B., Uriarte, A., Van Canneyt, O., Vázquez, J.A. Hammond, P.S. En revisión. Distribution, abundance and habitat use of deep diving cetaceans in the North East Atlantic. Deep Sea Research II.

Dinis, A., Alves, F., Nicolau, C., Ribero, C., Kaufmann, M. Cañadas, A. and Freitas, L. En prensa. Bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops truncatus) group dynamics, site fidelity, residency and movement patterns in Madeira archipelago (NE Atlantic). African Journal of Marine Science.

Lauriano, G., Pierantonio, N., Kell, L. Cañadas, A. Donovan, G. Panigada, S. En revisión.  Fishery-independent abundance and density estimates of swordfish (Xiphias gladius) from aerial surveys in the Central Mediterranean Sea. Deep Sea Research II.


Scientific papers recently published:

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Notarbartolo-di-Sciara, G., Lauriano, G., Pierantonio, N., Cañadas, A., Donovan, G. Panigada, S. 2015. The Devil We Don’t Know: Investigating Habitat and Abundance of Endangered Giant Devil rays in the North-Western Mediterranean Sea. PLoS ONE 10(11): e0141189. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0141189 

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Cañadas, A. and Vázquez, J.A. 2014. Conserving Cuvier’s beaked whales in the Alboran Sea (SW Mediterranean): Identification of high density areas to be avoided by intense man-made sound. Biological Conservation 178: 155-162. 

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Wierucka, K., Verborgh, P., Meade, R., Colmant, L., Gauffier, P., Esteban, R., de Stephanis, R. and Cañadas, A. 2014. Differences in survival rates and the effect of the Morbillivirus epizootic between clusters of long-finned pilot whales (Globicephala melas) in the Mediterranean Spanish waters. Marine Ecology Progress Series, 502:1-10. 

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Hammond, PS, Gillespie, D, Lovell, P, Samarra, F, Swift, R, Macleod, K, Tasker, ML, Berggren, P, Borchers, DL, Burt, ML, Paxton, CGM, Cañadas, A, Desportes, G, Donovan, GP, Gilles, A, Lehnert, K, Siebert, U, Gordon, J, Leaper, R, Leopold, M, Scheidat, M, Øien, N, Ridoux, V, Rogan, E, Skov, H, Teilmann, J, Van Canneyt, O & Vázquez, JA. 2014. Large scale surveys for cetaceans: Line transect assumptions, reliability of abundance estimates and improving survey efficiency – A response to MacLeod. Biological Conservation 170: 338-339. 

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Carpinelli, E., Pauline Gauffier, Philippe Verborgh, Sabina Airoldi, Lèa David, Nathalie Di-Méglio, Ana Cañadas, Alexandros Frantzis, Luke Rendell, Tim Lewis, Barbara Mussi, Daniela Silvia Pace , Renaud de Stephanis. 2014. Assessing sperm whale (Physeter macrocephalus) movements within the Mediterranean Sea through photo-identification, Aquatic Conservation: Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems (special issue) 24, Suppl (1): 23-30. 


             Abstract: See section on scientific papers.


Current projects: 

2015-2016. Principal Investigator in the Project “Power analysis and cost-benefit analysis for the ICCAT GBYP aerial survey on bluefin tuna spawning aggregations”Tender No. ICCAT-GBYP 08/2015. Funded by ICCAT (International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tuna).

2015-2016. Principal Investigator in the Project “Elaboration of 2015 data from the aerial survey on spawning aggregations. Data recovery plan Of the Atlantic-wide Research Programme on Bluefin Tuna (ICCAT-GBYP Phase 5- 2015)”Funded by ICCAT (International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tuna).

2015-2017. Analyst in the Project “Aerial Survey of Cetaceans and Seabirds in Irish Offshore Waters”University College Cork, Ireland. Funded by the Department of Communications Energy and Natural Resources, Ireland.


Recently finalized projects:

2015. Analyst in the Project “Proyecto Grampus”SUBMON. Funded by Fundación Biodiversidad.

2015. Principal Investigator in the Project “Elaboración de un Protocolo Nacional de Actuación para Varamientos de Cetáceos y Organización de Taller de Varamientos”División para la Protección del Mar. Secretaría de Estado de Medio Ambiente. Ministerio de Agricultura, Alimentación y Medio Ambiente.

2015. Principal Investigator in the Project “Aerial survey design of the Atlantic-wide Research Programme on bluefin tuna (ICCAT-GBYP Phase 4 - 2015)”Funded by ICCAT (International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tuna).

2015. Principal Investigator in the Project “Further elaboration of the data from the aerial survey on spawning aggregations of the Atlantic-wide research programme on Bluefin tuna (ICCAT GBYP - PHASE 4)”Funded by ICCAT (International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tuna).

2011-2015. Participation in the project "Aerial survey on cetaceans and sea turtles in italian waters". Tethys Research Institute – ISPRA, Italia. Line transect Distance sampling and spatial modelling analyst.

2014.  Preparation of a Technical Document on the incidental capture of threatened cetacean species in fishing gear. Ministry of Environment, Spain.

2014.  Creation of the IUCN Red List fact-sheets and meta data for the ceatcean species of the Alboran Sea. IUCN Málaga, Spain.

2011-2014.  Principal Investigator in the Project “Understanding the patterns and causes of variability in distribution, habitat use, abundance, survival and reproductive rates of three species of cetacean in the Alborán Sea, western Mediterranean”Funded by  Office for Naval Research, EE.UU.

2011-2014. Participation in the project "Censo aéreo de cetáceos de la Comunidad Valenciana". Universidad de Valencia. Survey design and data analysis on Distance sampling from line transect and spatial modelling.






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